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Facebook Ads


Facebook is being as the most popular social platform with more than 1 billion user all over the world. So what we are going to do with this huge number of audiences??? Not just for connecting people, now Facebook is being as a great advertising tool for the business to reaching audiences around the world. Microsoft announced that it had purchased a $240 million stake in Facebook, valuing the young company at $15 billion, with the intention of expanding its existing advertising partnership.

Facebook Ads is an ad system for businesses to connect with users and target advertising to the exact audiences they want. Through Facebook Ads, the users can now learn about new businesses, brands and products through the trusted referrals of their friends. With “Share” button on Facebook, yours ads would have a very good opportunity to be visible.

Facebook helps you to target your direct potential customers by different offers Social Ads by age, sex, location, keywords, ecucation level, workplaces, political views, relationship status and so on. The plus point for using Facebook Ads is it is really easy to use, with a Facebook account, you can set it up whenever you want without complicated skills required.

A very similar campaign like Google Adwords, Facebook Ads also allows customers to change their Daily Budget after the ads are running. The Daily Budget represents the maximum that the customers wish to spend each day. The minimum Daily Budget is $5. Customers will never be charged more than the total of the Daily Budgets that you have set for your active campaigns, so that you can control your money.

When I was doing research for this blog, I found out some free weekend classes opened to help advertisers in improving their skills in using Facebook Ads, the link is showing in references source.


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